inline - an icq log

fozbaca@home(20:07 PM) : ya know the last10 as a mozilla sidebar would be cool :)

fozbaca@home(20:08 PM) : well maybe a tag like like last# ? that would include in another page or something.

fozbaca@home(20:10 PM) : the current last10 would almost do it but minus the comments.

cuvarack(20:16 PM) : But now your talking about a whole tagging system...

fozbaca@home(20:17 PM) : well not necissairly. i'm talking about extenging the existing tagging system. which i think could provide lots of value in a simple way. but the only way to find out is to try it :)

cuvarack(20:18 PM) : There is no tagging system right now :-)

fozbaca@home(20:19 PM) : yes there is a taging system. it currently includes a link to a file with an optional descirption. sounds like a tagging system, just very simple.

cuvarack(20:20 PM) : oh, I see

cuvarack(20:20 PM) : hmm

cuvarack(20:20 PM) : I've started thinking through how to the tagging for attachments, but couldn't think of a nice tagging character

cuvarack(20:22 PM) : cool, freeswan has a bug database

fozbaca@home(20:22 PM) : well just extend the current system. maybe allow wikiname ? to be extended url ? or relativeurl ? or url ?] include and if it is an image the description is the alt.

fozbaca@home(20:23 PM) : /freeswan bugzilla?

cuvarack(20:23 PM) : Hmm.

cuvarack(20:23 PM) : and put everything inline?

fozbaca@home(20:23 PM) : sure

fozbaca@home(20:24 PM) : so is a link and [ in inline< ? is an inline image, because it ends in .gif/.jpeg/.jpg/.png CHeck this patch out ? is a link to a download Read up on this ? A link to a page, like it is now.

cuvarack(20:55 PM) : and the edit page would take care of each case based off of that.

fozbaca@home(20:56 PM) : so how about allowing ? be a link to the url?

fozbaca@home(20:56 PM) : though source code is still not delt with :)

cuvarack(20:57 PM) : > so how about allowing ? be a link to the url?

I briefly thought about this; but I'm inclined not to do this. Doing it the way it is right now, forces people to create a new page for the link, with at least a short description of the url.

fozbaca@home(20:59 PM) : now how about images being links instead of inline?

cuvarack(21:01 PM) : Why would you want that?

The nice thing about forcing it to be inline, is it forces it to have context, and a link back to a page about it.

fozbaca@home(21:02 PM) : and it forces large images to be inline which isn't always nice

cuvarack(21:02 PM) : speaking of large images, have you noticed that IE6 resizes large images to fit in the window? extremely annoying...

fozbaca@home(21:03 PM) : yes, i hate it. especially when looking for wallpapers. it makes them all seem too small

fozbaca@home(21:03 PM) : but still how is that problem delt with?

cuvarack(21:03 PM) : yup... and they loose major quality when they are resized.

fozbaca@home(21:04 PM) : unless you want to auto thumbnail on the server...

cuvarack(21:04 PM) : In that case, putting them inline would force IE6 not to resize them :-)

fozbaca@home(21:04 PM) : true :)

fozbaca@home(21:04 PM) : but that seems maybe compliated, though probably easy on the user.

cuvarack(21:05 PM) : I wonder where the author of Apache::MiniWiki has gone... he replied to my first email, but none since.

fozbaca@home(21:05 PM) : those europeans are so hard to get ahold of :)

fozbaca@home(21:06 PM) : btw, there is another MiniWiki but for the palm

cuvarack(21:06 PM) : yeah, it keeps showing up in the google search :-)

fozbaca@home(21:06 PM) : ah

cuvarack(21:08 PM) : I added a link to the SVG page.

fozbaca@home(21:09 PM) : i see, just check ed my mozilla sidebar :)

cuvarack(21:09 PM) : how well does it show up in the sidebar?

fozbaca@home(21:09 PM) : oh, so any reason that miniwiki doesn't honor carriage returns?

cuvarack(21:09 PM) : sure it does...

fozbaca@home(21:10 PM) : well the sidebar isn't fomated well but it works

cuvarack(21:10 PM) : you might need 2 enters

fozbaca@home(21:10 PM) : would be better as an rss file

fozbaca@home(21:10 PM) : yea that is the problem, icq logs are i return not 2 so i have bee adding the extra return before each entry

cuvarack(21:10 PM) : ahh.... hmmm