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This page contains a list of handy tools used frequently by network administrators and software developers on the Windows platform.


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Windows XP: Home vs. Pro

Many ask, what's the big difference? Why pay $100 more for Pro, when all you get is no activation and the ability to log on domains? Well, there are many more differences... such as remote desktop, ipsec, etc. Search google for more info, or see articles like this:,14179,2820882,00.html

Here's another article listing a bunch of differences:

In short, any power or network user needs Pro.


Hmm... the at.exe command in Windows is pretty handy:

Just used it to schedule a batch script to run on a bunch of Windows systems :-)

What's interesting is that the scheduled process runs on the remote system as the SYSTEM user, not as the user you connected to the system as.

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