Other Pictures

WimDualMonitor.jpg [E]

This is my work environment at home. Click on it for the non-thumbnail version. This picture just shows how my 21" monitor is plugged into the laptop to provide more real estate.

WimHarrisonRiver.jpg [E]

Harrison River

WimPond.jpg [E]

A pond on Mount Woodside, near Harrison Mills:

WimHouse.jpg [E]

Our house, where I have lived all my life. This is taken from across the road where new subdivisions are being developed. The reason that there are big brown spots on the front bank, is that the tree was cut down just before the picture was taken. Now the stump is hidden by fresh sprouts, and the grass is filled back in.

MinterGardens.jpg [E]

This picture was taken before a wedding, at Minter Gardens (near Chilliwack, BC). They have a nice new Trillium. I snapped the picture in the morning; when we returned in the evening it was too dark/busy to really enjoy the gardens.

WimNotPretty.jpg [E]

And here's a not-so-flattering self portrait: