Just started scanning in some pictures of my trip to NL. Not very many though, because when I went out to variously places, it was generally dark or not worth it. Hence, just a couple from around the castle where I stayed. This is not a medieval type castle, but more in the category of a big mansion. Overall, a pretty nice place, considering that it's still the middle of winter. Frequent drastic changes in weather made it interesting.

I've done nothing fancy here, other then use standard film in yon average camera with default/auto settings. Just scanned them in now on this snazzy Epson USB scanner. Haven't cropped or in any modified any of them. Click the images to get the full versions (600-2000KB JPEGs)

From across the pond across the road [E]

From across the pond across the road

A picture of the main gate [E]

The blues are pretty cool on that one.

A picture of the back [E]

Taken from the road that comes past the "cabin" where I stayed. This is from the left side of the castle.

A moat to the left of the castle [E]

The building you see here is where the training was.

It was freezing [E]

I was going to say that this is from the same viewpoint as the one above, but then noticed there was no building. I think I was in the same place as the picture two previous, just a bit more to the left.

Another angle [E]

Towards the main road. The car coming is security... wondering what in the world some guy is doing in the cold and snow, on the weekend when nobody is around. Actually I was just waiting for my ride, since I didn't have a car most of the time I was there.

Looking down the road [E]

Roads like this are typical in Holland. Looks pretty neat in spring/summer/fall though.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner [E]

Breakfast and Lunch, without fail, consisted of milk, bread, meat, and cheese, with cereal and jam available for those wanting variety. Whoho :-( Dinner was a fancy multi-course thing, served even when there was just two people attending.

Very utility [E]

The alt tag says it all.

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