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This page describes my method of doing a blog/journal, as found at WimWikiBlog. On this page, wiki/blog hybrid, I keep the current information about what I'm doing, working on, thinking about, or planning to do. As the content ages, it gets rewritten to and rewritten until eventually it gets cut out. Sometimes a paragraph will be moved to a new page. All is not lost, however: hit the Archive link in the navigation panel at right to view all the old revisions, including the date/time their was a change, my comment about the change, and how many lines were added or removed. The date of the last change is kept in the sidebar.

I know this way of doing a blog is a bit strange, but it works for me. One way of looking at this page is, "What would Wim talk about if you asked him what he's up to lately?" Of course, ever last minute detail of my week isn't in here. Mostly it's just technical and education type.

Wiki Blog Integration Concept


I finally installed a Blog for the first time tonight. Not for myself, but for someone else. First tried Blosxom, but having to upload text files by FTP is definetly not friendly for non-techie users. Yes, there's plugins, but the one for editting posts online you have to pay for. Bleach. So MovableType got installed... I'm fairly impressed with it I guess.

Personally I'm go to stick with WikiBlog... don't want to go through another learning experience.

Back to coding. --Wim

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