Template Systems for Perl

Choosing a Templating System


by Perrin Harkins

"Everything you wanted to know about templating systems and didn't dare to ask. Well, not everything..."

"Nothing can start an argument faster on the mod_perl mailing list than a claim that one approach to templating is better than another. People get very attached to the tools they've chosen. Therefore, let me say up front that I am biased. I've been at this for a while and I have opinions about what works best. I've tried to present a balanced appraisal of the features of various systems in this document, but it probably won't take you long to figure out what I like. Besides, attempts to be completely unbiased lead to useless documents that don't contain any real information. So take it all with a pound of salt and if you think I've been unfair to a particular tool through a factual error or omission, let me know."


For benchmarks of various systems, head over to: http://chamas.com/bench/