Embperl: Framework for building websites with Perl


Embperl is a Perl module, which allows one to embedded perl code into text files. In the beginning, HTML::Embperl allowed one to insert blocks of perl in an HTML file, similiar to ASP, JSP, PHP, and so forth. You could have a file that was all HTML, and be rendered like HTML is normally rendered. Blocks of code, starting with '[-' and ending with '-]' denoted perl code. This has great power, as a web designer can layout a page in Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or some other WIMP tool, then have a programmer insert the perl code to interact with a database.

Embperl 2.0 is now in its final Beta stages, and is in a feature freeze state. It has been renamed from HTML::Embperl to simply Embperl. This reflects the fact that it is not only for embedding perl into HTML. It can be used to generate XML or other text formats. It can take an XML input file, and mesh it with a stylesheet to generate HTML. It can automatically generate Javascript form validation.

Embperl even has syntaxes to read in other formats. So, it could be convinced to treat SSI ?, PHP, or other styles as Embperl code. This makes it easier to port a website from another templating or preprocessing system to Embperl.

Downloading Embperl

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