Structured Text

An Introduction to Structured Text -

"Wouldn't it be nice if there was a non-tag, text-oriented system for engineers to express semantic meaning? This is the problem Structured Text tackles. With Structured Text, format-independent writing becomes extremely convenient and natural, once a few rules are learned. Furthermore, Structured Text can be extended to cover advanced and customed uses."

Also it would be pretty cool to have a Wiki see a anymore than 3 line and quotes text as a blockquote maybe with the cite=url. so say more than 3 x 80 is 3 lines.

At first i really liked the double square bracked to define a WikiName but have grown to find it cumbersome.


Very nice find. Time to hack.

The double square bracket's are nice, but I do have to agree with you. This is interesting, as we both have done a lot of Embperl code which uses [] brackets all over.

See also the HTML::FromText, which is what Apache::MiniWiki uses for converting text to HTML.

I updated MiniWiki to use the 'code' feature in HTML::FromText. See the Embperl and SSH pages for some examples of this.