Scalable Vector Graphics

Just wait for SVG support in browsers to get to the point of being something that can be pasted into the textarea. For non vector stuff just convert it to SVG anyway. --fozbaca

I won't hold my breath for that to be out soon. I was actually thinking of our discussions earlier, about how to handle downloads, screenshots, and other attachments with various mime types. --Wim

I'm not holding my breath on SVG but it would be cool. So refresh my memory on the images/downloads. --fozbaca


It would seem that the integration of SVG in KDE in general (and in Konqueror in particular) is constantly moving forward. Here are a few screenshots of what might be KDE 3.1.

It would be interesting if SVG took over the desktop before it took over the web...

Especially check out :


WOW. How incredibly perfectly smooth. Oh so sweet --Wim

SVG and Perl

This is pretty cool. I found a Perl module that generates SVG graphs:

See for more examples.