Recent Changes

This started off as fozbaca wanting an automatic ChangeLog type thing, but I digested and said not too. We ended up going for the simplist thing that worked --Wim

Hmmm... I'm really liking this manual way of logging things, compared to all the typical weblogs out there. It appears that my current habit is to add new content to the bottom of page, versus the top. However, the reader never has to scroll, as I move the older stuff into its own pages after a short while. So, we see a progression of journal like "News" entries into real permanent content. - Wim

Though you need to see how your patterns writing, editing and refactoring patterns develop over time. Is it a habbit of the person or does the system reinforce the pattern? - fozbaca

I think it's based off of how I've seen how other Wiki's succeed, but definetly the simplicity of the system reinforces the pattern. Because the system doesn't do a automatic "Recent Pages" thing, it forces me to refactor if I don't want a 3 page long front page... - Wim

Sure in the begining Recent Pages are not as useful. The problem is with a running Wiki is it can be hard to get into what is going on without a glimpse of what is changing. Also hard to see the refactoring. Think of it as a changelog, very useful to the casual observer, tracing back changes. Seeing how the refactoring is happening. It just seems like such a natural fit, having a changelog in any refactoring enviroment. - fozbaca

-- is a pretty good example of Recent Changes implented in the WikiWay wiki. --fozbaca is pretty cool too --Wim

link didn't work, and couldn't find what you were point to --fozbaca

Worked for me... basically it's a graph of a tour of all the things that have changed recently... e.g. it has a links to "Recent Changes", "Recent Edits", "Changes in February", "Changes in January", etc. --Wim

See last10 --Wim
I think I figured out why the Changelog ? concept is so important to me. Back in the early days of the Wikis the whole thing never grabbed my intrest. I kept going back because of all the leads from mail lists. Then one day I ran into one with a RecentChanges and it all clicked. Maybe I'm just more chronological or something but it took that way of seeing the information for my brain to be able to organize what was occuring. -- fozbaca

Yea. I'm still heavily thinking about this too. I find myself clicking Last10 a lot, just to see if you posted yet --Wim

YEA EXACTLY -- fozbaca