PushToTest - TestMaker and TestNetwork


"In a Web environment users drive functions and exchange content using a variety of standard protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, XML-RPC, SMTP, POP3) from any location, using any Internet software (browser, Internet enabled application, embedded devices) at any time. TestMaker is a framework and utility to build and run intelligent test agents that implement user behaviors and drive the system as users would."

While cleaning up my temp directory, I found some stuff that I had totally forgotten about and why I downloaded them originally. One was PushToTest. A very nice sweet of tools for testing websites, xml-rpc/soap services, and so on. Makes it a breeze to run concurrent automatic test scripts against your web service. Handles cookies, sessions, forms, etc. TestMaker is the basic tool; TestNetwork builds on it, by allowing a farm of computers to simulate millions of hits on your website. We should have started using this 3.5 years ago...

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