What's in store for the Nyetwork Wiki?

Recommended prior reading: About ?, Nyetwork, and Wiki ?

For the Nyetwork Wiki to meet it's objectives, I am planning to make some more changes.

-- Wim

Old content (to be deleted/refactored)...

What's been happening lately in this Wiki? A fair amount of refactoring and reorganizing of content that hasn't changed in a while. Ever page that "belongs" should now be reachable via the Main. See Recent Pages for what changed last. I've also started a bit of a blog, in Wiki style. --Wim

What is a good way of protecting against non-human browsers?

Oh-oh... bots are finally finding the Revision links in the Archive page for eage page, and rolling pages back. For now I've added a hack to force a human to do it, but need a better fix soon.

Update - for a while we had no content... it's a long story that will be added here soon. The short story is that some nasty soul went through and deleted all our content. Tonight I added a couple of features. There is now a Archive link. This gives a listing of all the revisions for that page, including the date, time, and number of lines added or removed. There are also two links: View and Revert. View let's you look at that version as it was at that date and time; Revert undoes all changes up to that version.