nyetwork /nyet'werk/ n. [from Russian `nyet' = no] A network, when it is acting flaky or is down.

This is the definition I had in mind when I registered http://nyetwork.org


I registered nyetwork.org not only to provide myself with an unlimited amount of email addresses, unlimited shell accounts, and another system to have root on, but also a place to host a website where I could do what I wanted. It is a place where I can expirement with custom webserver things, backup files to, and so forth. However, my latest goal has been to create a site where I can provide back to the community that I have harvested a lot of knowledge from. I use a lot of free things in the community, especially the Open Source community that has grown up around projects such as the Linux kernel and the Perl programming language. This site is an opportunity to create content that can helps others. However, that is not my ownly goal: my goal is to also start a wiki site that high quality and on topic content that is editted and perfected by the community. Right now I and some others are in the process of setting the mode and getting things going, as this is an expirement as well. You will notice that, as often as possible, I am rewriting pages that have a bubbly discussion into real useful and concise content.

Site Design

A discussion about the look of this Wiki site.

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