Debian Specific Tools

Tools that FVLUG members find useful or "Good Enough".

APT GUI Front ends

For those who prefer "point and click", or intuitive console applications:

Tools to cut down on installation size

Howtos for the package management tools


This is a handy package in Debian that shows new changelog entries, before a package is installed:

Basically it compares the changelog contained within the downloaded *.deb files (in /var/cache/apt/archives) with what has been installed, and reports sorted by urgency.

I have it set up to just email me the changes (not the default), but by tweaking /etc/apt/listchanges.conf you can have it show in STDOUT, in a text pager (eg more or less), or even a web browser. Oh, and confirming (to continue or not to continue is the question).

Yes, much better then what WindowsUpdate does. Actually better then any other OS or distro I've seen. --Wim


... is a small package containing several handy tools. Check it out. debget and popbugs are neat.

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