vnc-vmware.jpeg [E]

This screenshot is from like September 1999. Notice I'm using WindowMaker with the default theme, I'm running a thousand xterms, and I've got some of the cool dock apps set up. Anyways, here I'm running a VMWare session, using VNC to look at that VMware, and also using VNC to look at IE 3.x on Windows 95 on the old 486. This is how I used to test sits under IE3, IE4, IE5, and NS 4.x.

trippy.jpeg ?

This is a little trippy... [Feb. 20/2001]

What you see here, is Vmware running on KDE2.x. It looks funky because both are using the same background :-) Inside the Vmware Guest OS, VNC is accessing the other actual WinMe (at the time) system on my network.

What a sec... looking at the window shadings, VNC isn't running under Win98... I'm using the Linux VNC client to access the WinMe system, except the VNC window is on TOP of Vmware. Compare the title bars to convice yourself :-)

You can even boot a VMWare from a DVD. Here's a screenshot of booting from one of the MSDN DVDs inside the VMWare:

vmware-dvd.gif [E]

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