Pages with long titles

I think the point I'm trying to make with this page is that it can be confusing for a page to have a title (the first line of its content) which bears no relation whatsoever to its linkname. Especially when one is used in the RecentChanges screen and the other is used in the ListPages.

I'd consider doing away with specifying titles within the content altogether so that, like in a regular wiki, the linkname is the title that you see when you access the page. Ok, it means you can only use filename-allowed characters in your titles. I don't see that as a major problem.


You just gave me a good idea. I think it would be great to have all the titles on the list page as well.

Of course, having to open every file and read its first line to find
out the titles is a lot slower than just using the filename. --jammin

The idea behind having the title seperate is that it allows us to have short concise HTTP/HREF links that describe the page... but yet can still have something a bit more descriptive, like a tagline or whatever.

Disabling titles is something I'd never do in this wiki... but feel free to make it an optional feature :-)