MiniWiki Sub Webs

Should sub webs be used with MiniWiki?

In the beginning of this site, I contemplated creating separate sites for quit different areas of content. As an example, there is a growing number of pages on SoftwareConfigurationManagement and SoftwareReleaseManagement, which could be moved into their own wiki as they are quite different from the rest of the site.

However, when one set of pages is broken off, then the remaining pages need to be revaluated as to their purpose. A second step could be to move pages about Wiki into their own wiki. The problem that begins to occur, is that some pages are general in topic, while others are quite focused.

One might say that I had discovered a need for namespaces. Some Wikis, such as Twiki, use namespaces or subwebs. Twiki has a different reason, because it was designed for company intranets, where each company department has their own web.

I quickly changed my mind, however. As fozbaca pointed out, the big long running Wikis have been able to stay away from this with success. Also, creating sub webs at this point would actually be anti-Wiki. Don't guess about whether you should do something in case you need to in the future; it can always be done in the future. In addition, subwebs is not simple to implement, and something else that the user has to learn.

So, for now, we shall continue to make a page on a topic, which contain links to their sub pages.