Images in MiniWiki

It would be good to figure out the right way of doing allowing easy upload and basic inlining of images within MiniWiki. It looks like you've done some of the work, but there are problems such as image files being listed in List Pages. Or maybe images really are beyond "Wiki" proper? --jammin

Traditionally, most wikis ? don't allow for file uploads such as inlined images. That's why we thought long and hard before putting it in. JamesFarrell and I believe that the way it's done, they fit in quite well. That is, they are treated just like more pages and more content, which can be linked to, reverted, and show up in the Archive and List Pages. I couldn't think of a good reason not to show them in the List Pages view. --Wim

Ok, but it would be nice if they actually displayed properly when clicked :-) ie set the mime type correctly. --jammin

They do. --Wim

I'm most interested in exploring this feature. The .deb I installed included dependencies on all the stuff necessary to resize\inline pictures... the man page lists it as a current feature... I see examples on this wiki, but I can't find instructions on how to do this. This could be a key feature for instructional sites, dynamically adding illustrations or pictures to a topic, etc..

How to?

RickBolen ?

What I do is stick in a wiki link that has an image extension, e.g.: [[whatever.jpg]] or [[me.png|Cartoon of me]] . Then I'm provided with the little '?' following this wiki link (because it ain't there yet) which can be clicked to upload the image.

Look, here comes one now! : -

Cartoon of Michael [E]

BTW: I put in an edit to my local version to remove the [E] edit link - I can always type the edit URL if I want to change an already uploaded image or binary.

Michael Erskine

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