Editing Wiki by email

fozbaca put up a link to Mail::Audit::Weblog:

Extremely cool. Basically it's a way of adding comments to a weblog, by simply sending email to a certain address.

Now, why couldn't that be used to edit a Wiki? Basically, set up a mailing list that people can subscribe to. Then, whenever a page is saved, a copy gets sent to the list. If somebody wants to edit, they hit Reply, add their comment, and Send it off. The server then commits it to the document database. If somebody wants a certain page from the wiki, they can send an empty email with a subject of the title of the page that they want. When deliving a wiki page by email, it would convert [[GetThisPage]] to mailto:special_addr@domain.com?subject=GetThisPage instead of <a href="GetThisPage">GetThisPage</a>.

This idea probably makes somewhat more sense then a Wiki<->Jabber bridge, which would be harder to implement and use.


I think they both are about the same in dificulty to setup and use. The only detracter to Wiki<->Jabber bridge is Jabber isn't deployed as widely as email. Though for an internal network that already has all it's users running Jabber clients it would be a different story.

Another thought about a Message<->Wiki, where Message is Email or maybe Jabber or *, that could also give you a Weblog for a Wike.


Not exactly the same thing, but ...

Check out http://massmind.org/techref/idea/websites.htm .

Every single page has a "interested ?" box for people to write in their email address. Whenever a particular page changes, the website sends email to all the people interested in that particular page. (I think this is better than sending email to everyone whenever any page changes ).

-- DavidCary ?

Hmm... I like that idea. Some others have been hinting at a feature request for RSS, but I don't know how that could fit in. --Wim