Why MiniWiki Sucks

All software sucks to some degree. Only the suckiest software doesn't admit that it sucks. So, to counterpoint WhyMiniWikiIsGreat, we present some reasons to hate it!

Please note this is not meant to be taken too seriously. We like MiniWiki really. ;-)

while(/some regex/) {
  s/the same regex/replacement/;

Not only does it pointlessly have to search the same string twice for the same regex to do each replacement, but it's in a while loop which will go infinite if anything prevents the replacement from happening as it should. (I'm only bitter because it kept happening to me. So I pulled out the guts of the function into a separate one called convert_link and replaced that whole loop with:


What's wrong with HTML::FromText?

It's not so much as "images and thumnbails" as "binaries and thumbnails".

Patches against CVS are definetly welcome ;-)

Also, please sign any new sentences/paragraphs/pages/etc as per the Wiki Protocol. --Wim

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