Why MiniWiki is so great

Overall, I really like this MiniWiki thing. It's really small, as it weighs in at 252 lines, including blank lines, excluding comments and POD documentation. On a scale of 1 to 20, it is really Wiki-ish! It's simple. It's easy to learn. It has conceptual integrity. Sure it's missing some features like being able to put tables into your content like TWiki does. Sure, it's missing things like a frontend to access control, file locking, viewing/merging with old versions, etc. But those features make it all that much harder to set up and learn. I'm really starting to believe that those features are getting out of the realm of the Real Wiki - Wim

Many months later: well, I've added all kinds of stuff, so now (comments, etc included) the line count comes to 952. Argh.

And even more months later: the MiniWiki.pm file is now 1258 lines long, and people are still wanting more features.


MiniWiki is really good in places. The bonus features needn't necessarily result in an escalation of lines: sweet succinct coding will tighten it right up again.


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