The Joy of Test

"Now, this is very simple. I only have 11 tests, but they are for a fairly consistent API for my Engine object. Some of my tests are dependant on the internals and I dither on whether or not that's a good thing, but the beauty of this is pretty straightforward: many of the tests handle methods that I haven't yet written. I put stubs in there that merely return some hardcoded data. Thus, I can test my API and when I need to actually write the methods, I don't have to worry about how consistent my API is. I've already figured this out.

"By having a clearer idea of my API, I can better know what I need to do and I write cleaner code. A case in point was when I first started on this project in the PTE (pre-testing era), I was very proud of the fact that the core script that drives an entire site was only about 40 lines long. Now, by starting over (I wasn't very far into the project) and doing my tests up front, the problems with my previous API shone like beacons. Now, assuming that very little changes, my core script to drive an entire site can be reduced to four lines of code!"

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