Why does this site look the way it does?

As you have noticed, the look of this site is extremely simple. There are no images, no advertisements, no copyrights, no fancy stylesheets, and so on. Pages should load and render extremely quickly.

It is compatible with almost every browser available: from text based browsers such as links and lynx, to any version of Netscape or Internet Explorer.

You'll probably have noticed that it is quite easy to get around and find content. The navigation is very prominent, as it is located on the top and bottom of every page. You can get to any page with two clicks: one to click "List" which provides a listing of every single page, then another click on the page you want.

Some, such as fozbaca, say that the look of this template is very Wim. That is, quite simple. But hey, that's all I know how to do: I am a programmer, not a creative designer!

The site should be very readable, as the fonts are sane size. They are never too small, and should be bigger enough that you can lean back and still read what's going on. As well, the background color is not stark, and is quit soothing to the eyes.

The title of every page should also be showing up in the titlebar of your browser, so that sane bookmarks or favorites can be created.

I'd like to see a small jpg icon, it increases the memory recall -- JMJL.

Good idea... how do you make one? Want to make one for me? :-) --Wim