Samba: Windows Networking for Linux

What is Samba? see for more information.

Samba 3


To mount shares from a Windows 2003 Server using Linux, SMB doesn't work. Instead, use CIFS. Make sure that smbfs/cifs are compiled as kernel modules or into the kernel itself, then use the mount.cifs program to mount the shares. I downloaded the binary from, but it comes with the source distribution as well. It's unfortunate that the Debian packages don't have it yet.

Enjoy! Let us know if you have success with this. --Wim

NT Policies

ChrisFreeze ? provided this crib sheet, for setting up a Samba server to dish out policies for Windows NT or 2000.

First, read the Samba PDC HOWTO on how to run your Samba as the domain controller for your network:

Then, download [E].

Next, edit smb.conf and set up a netlogon share to look like this: [netlogon] comment = Network Logon Service path = /home/netlogon read only = yes write list = administrator public = no guest ok = yes browseable = yes writeable = no locking = no create mask = 0644 directory mask = 0755

Place ntconfig.pol from the extracted file in your netlogon share, then make sure you chmod the file 644. If it doesn't look like the ntconfig.pol is working, most likely it has not been chmod'd 644.

Use poledit.exe to change the policy. Add in the templates *.adm files to get additional control of the computers on the domain.

To print to a Windows printer share using CUPS, use this syntax:


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