The Mythical Man-Month

MMM, as many call this book, has been a classic for years. In it's first few years it mostly followed the traditional waterfall methodology, but no Fred Brooks seems to have been convinced that this is wrong, and that a continually improving, always buildable and passing framework is better.

Chapters I found interesting and still relevant in the book:

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"The Mythical Man-Month is one of the classics in the field of software program management. Brooks draws on his experience as the head of operating systems development for IBM's famous 360 mainframe computer and distills his wisdom in an easily accessible form. The latest edition contains four new chapters, which outline Brooks's most recent experiences. This book should be read by anyone who manages and cares about software development."

"The classic book on the human elements of software engineering. Software tools and development environments may have changed in the 21 years since the first edition of this book, but the peculiarly nonlinear economies of scale in collaborative work and the nature of individuals and groups has not changed an epsilon. If you write code or depend upon those who do, get this book as soon as possible "

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