I've been using Mozilla as much as possible for about the last little while. The only reason I've started Outlook since was to confirm that yes indeed it sucks, and to export my contacts to a CSV file.

Accidentally discovered a feature: clicking in a page, and typing text automatically highlights all the links containing those typed letters... very cool. And of course I'm really liking tabs. Unfortunately I'm still using IE, since Gecko doesn't have the same HTC/XML/data capabilities as IE6. --Wim


Is based on Mozilla, but only the browser portion thereof. Lots of plugins available from:

Have finally switched from Outlook back to Mozilla Mail 1.3. Long ago I tried Mozilla, but found it noticably bloated (tons of memory), slow to start, and had problems with painting and refreshing. Outlook seems to get worse and worse every day, so now I'm using mutt ? (now that I have a fairly decent .muttrc) and Mozilla Mail. It's very nice to be able to sort by thread again... that's one of the best features I like about Netscape Mail 4.x. As well, handling of multiple email identities is a bit better then Outlook, but by no means perfect. --Wim

October 2003

Ok, that sucks. Mozilla 1.5, Thunderbird, and FireBird aren't running properly. They start fast, but don't render and paint correctly. Ie, you resize a window, and it won't repaint. Or you go to a webpage, and it'll render the images on top of your desktop background, but no text or background color. When you scroll, some of the text will appear. I haven't been able to find anything on google about it... has any had this before?

As far as I can tell, it happens after running one of the applications for some time, and/or running multiple concurrently. --Wim

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