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Silly you are. A tree hugger can I not be. True Tree Huggers do not work for companies consuming enough lumbah to build 20 houses a day. This says me to the old guy twice his age. mwuahahahahah! :-)

Tree hugger

You are a tree hugger. If you likes logs you MUST be. As an ecoterrorist from the paper cell, I must protest such things.

Logs are interesting he says

Logs are interesting... I always get a kick out of seeing what pr0n sites are listed in the referers.



Well, a combination of things... did some grepping to see who had done a POST to WimWikiBlog, then looked for other GETs and POSTs from that host. Then read your blog and Dana's... then logged into, ran 'w', and hmm... guess where 'rascal' is logging in from?

I generally can recognize Alan and Dana's writing from a mile away, but not yet yours.

time 6

crap, you figured out it was me. Did you really use style of writing or did you get me from the ip addr?

Wiki time 5


Finally clued in as to WTF you are talking about... Should be an easy fix of just removing the silly AM/PM thing since it's in 24h format anyways. I'm finally waking up, it's dark out again.

Later... Crap. Now entries are in the wrong sections. Grr.

Wiki time 4

Don't think you're seeing what I'm seeing yet. He's a cut n' paste of the "site changes"

January 16, 2003 14:41 PM Wim's journal - Wik time 3. Changes: +5/-1

02:19 AM CPAN Rocks - Back link. Changes: +6/-2

02:16 AM Linux Crib Notes - Reg ex. Changes: +1/-1
01:42 AM Distributed Programming - P2p. Changes: +2/-0

01:39 AM SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol - Web services. Changes: +2/-0
00:21 AM Firebird SQL - Firebird sql.

00:20 AM Databases - Firebird. Changes: +2/-0
20:35 PM Apache::MOTD - Fix link. Changes: +1/-2

20:31 PM Perl - Link to motd. Changes: +2/-0
20:30 PM The K Language - The k language.

20:29 PM Programming Languages and Environments - K language. Changes: +2/-0

January 15, 2003


now look at the odering of the entries. What is the one marked 20:35pm ? Was it really done on the 16th or was it done on the 15th?

As to who I am... I still don't think you know. Write down my nic as a guess... bet you more graffiti you're wrong :-)

Wiki time 3

Hi. Ya... I think it's an hour off or something. The timestamp in the lower right corner comes directly from the "mtime" information in the Linux filesystem (just like doing an ls -l). The date in the listchanges page comes from fancy parsing of the RCS *,v files.... which stores the dates in GMT time, so I have to convert them to PST. Easily fixed by using Date::Manip::ParseDateDelta to substract 8 hours instead of 7. Should be good now. Thanks.

The subroutine for parsing all the RCS files, ripping the comments, revisions and dates, sorting them and grouping by day is over 100 lines... no idea how to make it shorter and faster, other then doing some sort of caching it.

I didn't recognize your writing style first... but the smilies and /this /that give you away. Of course, grep rocks. ;-)

Wiki time 2

An anonymous person says: take a look at it says things have happened tonight when tonight hasn't happened yet. That is what I was basing my assumption of an incorrect time on. However, I now see at the bottom of the same page, it displays the correct time, so I don't know why the modifications dates are wierd. And yes I could give you an idea who I am, but that would ruin the fun of writing in your log. Suffice it to say you do know me :-) /anonymous person

Wiki time ???

Someone said: Wim, the time for the wiki server is wrong, it claims it's late on the 16th when in fact it's very early on the 16th... in fact the 16th is just a few minutes old...obtw...hi :-)

Where do you see this... the time on the Linux server is bang on? My hunch is that the dates are being stored wrong in RCS. Haven't really noticed myself though. Btw, who are you :-) Feel free to do the --[[you\]\] to sign things, if it isn't obvious that I wrote it :-)

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