Current MiniWiki Development

This page discusses some of things on the go with MiniWiki... once an issue is done or forgotten or beat to death, it should get moved to another page or removed as appropriate.

Current ideas / works in progress:

Some tweaks to MiniWiki

As mentioned a while ago, I've been discovering some vandalism in the wiki. Not major, but just some losers editting pages and either replacing the entire content or appending their own advertisements. In some cases the spammer actually uses the correct Wiki syntax, but often dumps in HTML which looks nasty and just plain doesn't work.

So MiniWiki now has some more sophisticated blocking to try get rid of them... at the same time, I've added in some more logging so I can see who is changing pages and from where, so if it happens again I can take action quickly.

The nice thing about the MiniWiki is that the recent changes pages lets anyone quickly see what's changed. It's pretty obvious what belongs and what doesn't so anyone can repair/revert as required.

I'm toying with the idea of adding in some email based notifications but haven't started on it yet. Not sure whether it makes most sense to allow subscriptions on a per-page or a per-web basis.

Darren: What about a simple login system, so that only 'registered' users can make changes? might be a simple measure to stop people from popping in ads / blowing away content. --Darren

Well, actually this feature already exists. But right now there's no way for people to register themselves - I have to manually add them to an htpasswd file. --Wim

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