The path to mastery

"Strive to understand fully and completely the tool at hand. Explore exactly how it works and what it can do. In addition constantly learn how to build on what you and others have done before. Aim for clarity and comprehension, and mastery shall surely follow."

Well said.

One of the followup comments: "As an aside, if anyone I hire writes code that only they can maintain, because it's either so good, or so bad, they're out of there. I don't have time for prima donnas, nor incompentents. I want good people, that are flexible, adaptable, and not super-stars. Because someone else, sooner or later, is going to be working on that code. As further proof of this theory, take a look on SlashDot, referrencing the people that write and maintain the 400,000+ lines of code for the Space Shuttle. They're 9-to-5, average, disciplined people. Not stars."