Table Sorting

Have you ever realized that modern browsers are capable of rich interfaces, as are available in standalone applications that are written using GTK, QT, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, etc widget sets? Here's an example of an HTML program that allows for easy sorting (ascending/decending) of data within your standard <table>:

"Maybe you've seen sortable tables before but it has probably been done using databinding in IE4. Now it can be done using DOM level 1 (level 2 isn't finished yet) so it will work in both Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape Navigator 5 (NGLayout, Gecko). The actual sorting algorithm is the standard sort method of the javascript Array object so it is guarantied to be as fast as possible." has some other very cool and useful samples, and links to other DHMTL sites. Most of them require IE, which is unfortunate. Hopefully it would be fairly straightforward to have them work under Mozilla as well.


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