The GNOME Desktop Environment

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"The GNOME project was born as an effort to create an entirely free desktop environment for free systems. From the start, the main objective of GNOME has been to provide a user friendly suite of applications and an easy-to-use desktop."

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When the KDE project first started, the Qt libraries ( were not yet free-as-in-speech. The GNOME project was founded to write a wholly free desktop environment. To this end, the GTK+ libraries ( were used instead of Qt. GNOME is now at version 2.2, after a massive overhaul of GTK+ with version 2.0, which introduced a number of nice and pretty features, but which broke backward compatibility, necessitating rewrites of any programs that want to use the newest GTK+ libraries.

Both KDE and GNOME strive for standards compliance and interoperability, notably through the Free Desktop Project ( One can run KDE applications under GNOME and vice versa, so it's pretty much a personal preference -- Gnome can be shinier, while KDE is generally more stable and mature. For comparison, take a look at Wim's screenshots of KDE 3 and these screenshots of Gnome 2.2:


You can use this large GNOME Forum to find out what the GNOME developers and users are talking about. This forum currently archives the many GNOME projects' mailing lists into a forum for cross browsing and search. The forum host Nabble also have a Free Desktop Forum


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