Something new for you to think about, Wim, do you think some of the other work mates would get into the Wiki content development? --fozbaca

I think so; however, I'd like to get a couple of features added to MiniWiki first, and reorganize some of the pages. Also the Last10 needs to be rewritten somewhat. I'm considering changing Last 10 to show a ChangeLog for the last 5 days. This would cover everything that's been changed recently, but still allows people who don't visit every day to keep uptodate. I've also toyed with the idea of logging the user's IP address as the RCS comment; I've seen other Wikis displaying it in the ChangeLog, such as the wiki. Also, what about the ability to delete/hide pages? --Wim


Ok, in reading another certain website, I realize where your comment about other contributors was prompted by. I also misread it; I first thought you meant about them adding content here, but redigesting the question again, I think you meant them setting up their own Wiki sites, so that they could still brand it like they wanted. I know at least one of them would get into it, but I don't know about the rest. I almost replied at said site, but decided not to and add those couple of features in here first. Once a featureset is being used, I think it should be kept frozen and nothing major should be changed. Also, the chance of running off possible contributors is higher if the environment is not done and over its first growing pains. --Wim

comspriacy???? --Wim