Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

The following links are from the TheCVSBook.

Home page

Download and Install

To download and install from source, see

Your distribution probably has packages available. For example, under Debian, run 'apt-get install cvs'

Create a repository

Once you have the CVS server and client installed, you will need to initialize a new repository. See

Add stuff to repository

Once the repository is created, it will have nothing in it. To import existing files and directories, or start adding things, see:

Personal configuration

For an example of how to tweak your personal CVS settings, look at this example cvsrc file that somebody contributed to this site.

See also:

The basic steps to switch a directory to CVS control

Here are the basic CVS commands required to switch a directory to CVS based revision control:

cd projname
cvs -d /var/cvs init
export CVSROOT=/var/cvs
cvs import -m "initial import by Bob" projname bob start
cd ..
mv projname projname.pre-cvs 
cvs co projname