Open Source PBX software, or

Asterisk (NOT Asterix) is a complete PBX in software for Linux. Works with a variety of Voice Over IP protocols, analog hardware, and so on.

Wim gave an introductory presentation of Asterisk at the June 2004 meeting of the FVLUG. Presentation is available at:

IAX Trunking


Example configuration files

Asterisk GUIs

Music On Hold

If you want to enable Music On Hold, you can't use Debian's mpg123 package. Doing an 'apt-get install mpg123' will actually install mpg321 instead. So, you'll need to remove mpg321 and instead compile mpg123 from source, do a 'make install', then symlink /usr/local/bin/mpg123 to /usr/bin/mpg123 so that Asterisk can find it.

Dealing with Echo

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