Anthill Build Management Server

Anthill is a tool that ensures a controlled build process and promotes the sharing of knowledge within an organization. Anthill performs a checkout from the source repository of the latest version of a project before every build and tags the repository with a unique build number after every build. It supports many reposistory adapters including: CVS (Concurrent Versions System), Visual Source Safe, Perforce, PVCS, StarTeam, MKSIntegrity and FileSystem. Anthill also automatically updates a project intranet site with artifacts from the latest build. Anthill is an extension to the Apache-Ant project and is compatible with version 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 of Ant. Anthill is Open Source and is released under a Mozilla-like license.

Controlled Build Server:

Platform for sharing knowledge about software assets:

Process automation tool:

eXtreme Programming tool:

Tool for code reuse:

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